Herbal Skincare Energy Reading

Herbal Skincare Energy Reading

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What's an "Herbal Skincare Energy Reading"?

Your skin communicates messages from your physical and spiritual body every second of the day, from goosebumps to chills to ailments and issues. Your skin is sending a message to you with each glow and every aura ring of halo.

Schedule your skin energy reading for herbal care and spiritual direction to beautify your skin and promote a healthy body spiritually & Physically.

"Whats Wrong with My Skin!?"

Get answers from your skin to:

  • give your spirit a healthy aura field
  • bring balance and beauty to your skin
  • Support your health and wellness

Each session is approximately 90 minutes of life changing information you shall cherish with Jah Crystal, Your Herbal Skin Fairy!

You also receive an herbal care guide with a recommended "Healing Herbal Skincare" energy gift set.

Simply call 206-717-5004 to schedule after purchase. The session can be in person or online via video call. The choice is yours.

See you soon :-)