Blessed Waters Herbal Skincare Spray Moisturizer

Healing Herbal Skincare

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Sage Photo by Healing Herbal Skincare
Blessed Waters Herbal Skincare Spray Moisturizer

We treated folliculitis and acne all the time. We discovered the vibrations were similar. So we sat down and created a formula to simply remove blockages and promote healing. Welcome to the healing power of "Blessed Waters Herbal Spray Moisturizer".

Key Ingredients:

  • Willow Bark
  • Blessed Sage
  • Guidance Energy
  • Organic Melaleuca

Our oil free, vegan, organic glycerin based formula is packaged in a 2 oz amber bottle.

Our formulas works excellent on normal to oily skin types; men; plus acne, folliculitis, and thick skin ailments.

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