The Mission

Embrace Your 5 Energies at Healing Herbal Skincare

"The Mission: to sell you professional herbal skincare with sacred skin guidance for energy healing and beautification of your skin using herbal plants custom formulated for your skin under the 5 skin energies established by Jah Crystal, licensed esthetician and traditionally trained herbalist elevating your skin cells into complete wellness and enhanced beauty."

Greetings & Welcome!

You are greatly appreciated for your time visiting us here and hope you stay awhile. You deserve the best service for all your blessed herbal skincare needs.

I'm Jah Crystal, Your Herbal Skin Fairy. I'm a traditionally trained herbalist and licensed skin care esthetician with over 20 years of practice and experience to provide for you professional herbal skincare handcrafted with quality assurance every time you order.

You can rest assured your herbal skincare is created using natural & organic ingredients to beautify, nourish, heal, and support your sacred and unique skin.

All your herbal skincare is formulated to:

  • Free your skin from synthetics, additives, fillers, carcinogens, and preservatives.
  • Strengthen your melanocytes which is your true fountain of youth.
  • Balance your emotional counterparts of your cellular energy.
  • Promote active cellular regeneration of your skin.
  • Sustain your dermal wellness with each use of your "Healing Herbal Skincare".

This company was named Healing Herbal Skincare to show the correct vibration and frequency of the term healing and the relation it has to plants. Healing is from the word anointed (Sanskrit Krishna; Christ). So every time you use Healing Herbal Skincare your skin is anointed with 5 blessed energies.

Here you can also access e-books and professional classes to educate you and enrich your life!

Your patronage is valued and greatly appreciated. Sending Beauty & wellness energy unto you. Love Power!

Gratitude & Blessings,

Jah Crystal, Your Herbal Skin Fairy

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