The Mission

Embrace Your 5 Energies at Healing Herbal Skincare

 We are the only professional herbal skincare brand currently offering YOU 100% all natural professional herbal skincare!!!


Our mission is to empower your beauty and empower estheticians with safe sacred herbal esthetics skincare products and services to nourish your beauty and wellness 100%.


All your herbal skincare is formulated to:

  • Free your skin from synthetics, additives, fillers, carcinogens, and preservatives.
  • Strengthen your melanocytes which is your true fountain of youth.
  • Balance your emotional counterparts of your cellular energy with th 5 Energies of Skin, by Jah Crystal.
  • Promote natural active ongoing cellular regeneration of your skin.
  • Sustain your dermal wellness with each use of your "Healing Herbal Skincare".

We are named Healing Herbal Skincare to show the correct vibration and frequency of the term healing and the relation it has to plants. Healing is from the word anointed (Sanskrit Krishna; Christ). So every time you use Healing Herbal Skincare your skin is anointed with the 5 blessed energies of skin and plants.

All Cleansers are made with only 0% to 10% of a surfactant or soap! We use the mildest and safest!

  • Castile Soap (made with organic oils)
  • Coco Glucoside (byproduct of coconut sugars)
  • Sodium Isethionate "baby foam" ( byproduct of coconut salts)