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Spring Passion Herbal Skincare Cleanser

Healing Herbal Skincare

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Spring Passion herbal Skincare Cleanser Photo by Cristian Newman at Healing Herbal Skincare
Spring Passion Herbal Skincare Cleanser

New Formula!

Refresh & hydrate your skin with mild exfoliation every night using passion flower and blessed herbs to treat your skin with invigorating spring energy herbal skincare.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe (hydrates skin & promotes healing)
  • passion flower (calms, cools, & enerizes)
  • basil (calming, promotes healing, increases cellular turnover)
  • spring energy (energizing, growth, flow)

Our unique creamy cleanser is formulated and poured into a 2 oz glass jar.

Our formula works excellent on all skin types; plus sensitive, young, & mature skin.

Our formula can be used as a cleansing mask with a second application. Use steam to intensify your treatment.

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