Skin Congestion = Stagnant Energy

J Crystal Profit

Congestion is real!

This is the spring season and with all the beauty and warmth it brings many people suffer with allergies and congestion in the face, body, and skin. Science give us so many explanations to the body’s immune response to these blessed seasonal changes. However, they never can quite give us a real spiritual plasmatic energetic response to the changes.

First, let’s take a look at the previous season; beautiful winter. This season brings the energy of healing, learning, and rest. When you overlook this energy and skip around it without full completion you create blockage of your pure energy flow.

Spring comes and instead of your body embracing the change it fights against it. Your body has not been prepared for your resurrection.

Steps to Creating Positive Spring Energy Flow

  1. Create quiet moments of deep power breathing and liberating emotions

  2. Eat fresh Soups of herbs, vegies, and roots

  3. Remove toxins internally through colon cleansing and or detoxing herbs

  4. Drink water and avoid beverages

  5. Visit your herbalist or ND for a prescribed tonic or herbal infusion for your body’s energy, plus use our Spring Energy Herbal Skincare Line

Basically, you are doing what you should’ve done in the winter plus some. Learn about your seasonal energy and how it links to your wellness through our school. Click here for more information.

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