New Year's New Moon Blessing

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Although it's is now 2019 according to our Gregorian calendar, our ancient primordial Christmas is still in effect. 4 Days after the winter solstice we begin our primordial Christmas: anointing healing elevating. This correlates with December 25th.

10 days after we share healing herbs for healing and wellness which is used in Kwanzaa "the 7th day". This is also the time we should be focusing within for spiritual healing. Spiritual ailments have the ability to manifest into physical ailments. It's important to heal our spiritual bodies (or plasmatic energy surrounding your cells) for complete wellness.

Spiritual ailments are generally caused by trapped emotions within your cellular energy generating a negative effect on your CNS ad disrupting atomic activity. A good start to releasing these during winter is through sun activity. During the winter the sun is limited so be sure to act upon this as soon as you see sun break.

1st Face the sun then begin to slowly deeply inhale and exhale from your abdomen. Say any thoughts out loud then allow the emotion to flow without answers, questions, or comments. Then move on.

2nd Find Your mantra. I've always recommended "Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness" as a beginners mantra. This energy is stated towards you only.

3rd You begin your Action & Atonement. Do what you need to do within love, peace & righteousness to correct your wrongs and or create your peace. Align your lesson with it's opposite and make it your biggest achievement!

This 2019 see you have the power to be love, guidance, and protection to you and those you love. Resurrect your sacred halo spirit of love and righteousness. Move in your love power!

Gratitude & Blessings,

Crystal, Herbalist & LE

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