Honor Your Alma Mater

J Crystal Profit

     Is beauty found truly within? Science places beauty in your DNA. Spiritualist place beauty from within your spirit. Technically both are correct because your DNA will emanate your aura or plasmatic energy of your DNA's atomic core. So, yes beauty is within, skin deep, and etc, etc to all the mantras on true beauty.

     At Healing Herbal Skincare beauty is placed from energy emanating from your soul or spiritual makeup, beyond your atomic core and into your innate source. When Love is an energy of your true source Love begets Beauty. Now you can see Love is Beauty. Love is the essence of Beauty.  Now listen to this: Honor your "Alma Mater" as you honor the essence and source of your being and your beauty. That's Love!

     What is an "Alma Mater"? Alma vibrates the meaning first. Mater vibrates the meaning source, origin, and Mama. Mater is the original sound from which Ma is derived. Together it vibrates 1st Mama. The one who gave birth to you, who beget you into this realm. And to be clear, the word mother never vibrates this pure meaning. Mother is actually and in fact a derogatory and degrading sound to call one's beginning. It takes only minor research to see truth. Never let cognitive dissonance (a smart way of saying stupidity) stop you from embracing truth. Mother vibrates the meaning lowly (not humble). It always has since the beginnings of use. This is one reason why some place the word so easily into profane and degrading statements.

     Now, Let's Talk! When you honor your "Alma Mater" you honor your source, your spirit, your soul, your cells, your own being. Your beauty begins to balance from within. Why? As Love for some pure reason brought you into this realm. Love through your "Alma Mater" whom you call Mama. Who gave birth to you 1st, who raised you 2nd, who guided you 3rd, whose spirit speaks to you 4th, and whose very thought brought you 5th into existence. This could be (however rare) only one, or many who share the same spiritual nature. Your beauty is growing within, and your CNS is responding into your dermal energy and dermal cellular nature as you honor your “Alma Mater”.

     Never dishonor this Love with toxicity of certain food, degrading sexual energy, and chemical based skincare. Expect to receive blessings of lessons learned and painful emotional energies removed. The spring energy herbal skincare line is formulated with love and guidance energy to honor our great “Terra Maat” your “Alma Mater” above all Maters.

     Who is your Alma Mater? 😊

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