Value Your Heart & Soul

A Crystal Mere Message for 2019: Value Your Heart & Soul

New beginnings can bring a sense of struggle as you attempt to stick with resolutions and changes. Remember resolutions vibrate the meaning: to bring an end result again and again. So do you really want a resolution or are you seeking something new to enlighten and elevate you, change you?

Value Your Heart & Soul Blog by Jah Crystal Healing Herbal Skincare Photo by Tamarcus Brown

"The message is to first and foremost value your heart and soul above all that you seek to accomplish and achieve." You'll need to focus on your solar plexus: core (3rd chakra) and your crown: head (7th chakra) to truly see your heart and soul must be LOVE and must be free of all entrapment.

Embrace the colors purple, gold, and green. Combine the "joy energy" and "guidance energy" healing herbal skincare in your daily routine to clear space and ignite your love energy. Practice deep breathing and create quiet time to listen to your own voice for healing.

This is vital to be successful in your endeavors this year. Join my "Love Energy" class to learn more and see your beauty begin to resonate with your thoughts, words, and actions. There's a free video lesson going on now just for you!

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