4 Basic Benefits of a Daily “At Home” Facial Treatment

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4 Basic Benefits of a Daily “At Home” Facial Treatment:

  1. Facials increase our circulation of blood underneath our skin.
    1. This activity promotes healing through repair and restoration of our cellular dermal layers including encouragement of collagen and elastin production.
  2. Facials stimulate our lymphatic system through touch.
    1. Lymph nodes are found underneath our skin in the face and neck. Through the gentle touch of daily facials, we help decrease waste underneath our skin and prevent puffiness, darkening, clogged pores, plus fluid accumulation.
  3. Facials keep our pores clear and free of external debris.
    1. Our pores are encouraged to become small and tight when they are clean and well on a daily basis.
  4. Facials promote our cells to regenerate.
    1. A mild daily enzymatic exfoliation with proper nourishment smooths our skin safely ad allows for proper nutrient absorption. Our skin tone becomes even as melanin and oil production becomes balanced.

Overall facials help us to feel great and uplift our soul! Our skin is smooth and radiant and beautiful!

Daily treatments fulfills our customer responsibility of at home care in between our professional visits.

4 Basic Benefits of a Daily “At Home” Facial Treatment:

This is a photo of our Light Licorice herbal scrub mask application before and after. They are really simple to use and have a great positive impact on our cells. Simply mix ½ tsp or dime size amount with several drops of warm water in the palm of your hands to activate its’ power, then apply to skin. Use your ringer finger to dab lightly on under eye skin area. Let dry or steam then let dry. Rinse with warm or cool water. Pat skin dry with a damp towel. Avoid placing ingredients in the eye or close to wet liner of the eye.

Now what do you need to start treating our blessed skin daily? We recommend starting with our herbal cleanser, herbal scrubbing mask, and herbal spray moisturizer. Find your skincare in the energy you need and use daily for 30 days to restore and regenerate your dermal beauty.

  • Love Energy
  • Freedom Energy
  • Joy Energy
  • Relaxation Energy
  • Guidance Energy

Learn your skincare energy element right here! Email us for a free guidance session.

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